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Wandercoaching Hohenheim

Erfahrungsbericht zum Wandercoaching des AK Nachhaltigkeit & Green List Uni Hohenheim

We are the Arbeitskreis Nachhaltigkeit and the Green List of Uni Hohenheim, our goal is to bring together groups and people who want to make the campus more sustainable and bring green topics into university politics. Does it sound difficult and vague? Yep, that’s exactly why we applied for Wandercoaching!

So, at the end of October we set off with 4 experienced and 8 fresh members to Härtsfeldhof on the Swabian Alb for a weekend full of fun, inspiration and tasty food. The coaches Jasper and Lennard helped us successfully to identify common goals, to find a vision for our future and to create small steps towards it. Furthermore, we worked on the structure of our group and meetings (with the Wandercoaching being itself actually the best example of a well-structured group event! ;-).

credits: AKN & Green list Hohenheim

We started on Friday evening with some fun activities to get to know each other and to reflect on ourselves and the group. The next day we dug deeper into our goals and project ideas, the coaches adapted the program according to our needs and helped us to turn our vague ideas into a giant mind-map full of concrete points. On Sunday we finally came up with a timeline for the next few months and everyone left the WaCo looking forward to the upcoming events. It sounds like a lot of work, but we enjoyed being productive together and there was still enough time to go geocaching, dance, find hazelnuts, play games and annoy the neighbors with our laughs and music.
A highlight were our delicious meals cooked with saved food from foodsharing, which we enjoyed outside in the warm autumn sun. Thank you, Lennard and Jasper, for guiding us through this coaching trip, now we are ready to continue towards the summit, turn Hohenheim into a greener campus, share our new insights and take the other group members along with us!