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Coaching des Green Office der Internationalen Psychoanalytische Universität Berlin

Team building and understanding each person’s role

The first day of coaching began when we arrived at the beautiful “Akademie für Suffizienz” in the middle of Brandenburg, where we were warmly welcomed. We had lovely hosts, who built this inspiring place – maybe one of the best places to learn about sustainability in practice.

On Saturday, we had a one-day training session that focused on team building and understanding each person’s role in the team. The team-building activities were crucial in guiding us to the next steps. The coaches did an excellent job of instilling methods that enabled our group dynamic to grow, collaborate, and unite. They were very creative and patient in assisting us in creating the mission statement. One of the highlights was a campfire night with time for games and storytelling.
The third and final day of the coaching was also enjoyable, as the coaches assisted us in working on concrete ideas and projects that we hope to implement back at our University (International Psychoanalytic University).
All in all, the coaching weekend was a rewarding experience for us. Not only did it bring the group closer together, but it also provided an opportunity for us to create a mission statement and plan goals for future events.